[daɪ'rɛkt] 1. adj
2. vt
letter, remarks, attention kierować (skierować perf); company, project kierować (pokierować perf) +instr; play, film reżyserować (wyreżyserować perf)

to direct sb to do sth — polecać (polecić perf) komuś zrobić coś

3. adv

can you direct me to …? — czy może mi Pan/Pani wskazać drogę do +gen ?

* * *
[di'rekt] 1. adjective
1) (straight; following the quickest and shortest way: Is this the most direct route?) bezpośredni
2) ((of manner etc) straightforward and honest: a direct answer.) bezpośredni
3) (occurring as an immediate result: His dismissal was a direct result of his rudeness to the manager.) bezpośredni
4) (exact; complete: Her opinions are the direct opposite of his.) dokładny
5) (in an unbroken line of descent from father to son etc: He is a direct descendant of Napoleon.) w prostej linii
2. verb
1) (to point, aim or turn in a particular direction: He directed my attention towards the notice.) skierować
2) (to show the way to: She directed him to the station.) skierować
3) (to order or instruct: We will do as you direct.) polecać
4) (to control or organize: A policeman was directing the traffic; to direct a film.) kierować, prowadzić
- directional
- directive
- directly
- directness
- director
- directory

English-Polish dictionary. 2013.


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